About Us

Accend Group is a software consultancy focused on providing services for Adobe's CQ5 (Day Communiqué) platform. Prior to officially forming Accend Group, individuals of our core team, partnered with Adobe/Day and several consulting firms, have provided expert services at a global level. Our experience with CQ dates back to 2006.

Our Mission

Accend Group's mission is to be the leading solution provider for Adobe's CQ5, providing our clients with quality expert service and helping them reach their business goals. Client satisfaction is key and is provided by our creative, intelligent, and energetic team of consultants.

Why choose us?

You've got options, but you want to choose us simply because we're...

Experienced and Knowledgeable

As already mentioned, we've been working with this product as far back as version 3.5. That six years of experience has provided us the opportunity to work with a wide range of companies from a variety of industries, giving us an advantage over most of our counterparts. We've seen projects succeed AND fail; we know what works and what doesn't.

Our company was founded by senior consultants with a strict focus on CQ and we've only allowed ourselves to grow organically since, providing our seniors ample time to pass down knowledge to our latest team members.


We are not priced to compete, we're just simply more affordable. Accend Group has a very flat structure, absent of any multi-tier management. We don't have owners to satisfy, because we are the owners. Want to know how affordable? Feel free to ask.